Imagine Madison plan outlining the city’s future growth is in final stages

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The draft of the Imagine Madison Comprehensive Plan was officially released and made available for comment in mid-May.

Imagine Madison is a public listening project that publishes a comprehensive plan every 10 years, outlining and re-envisioning the city’s priorities for growth with the aim of guiding Madison’s development in the future.

Aaron Hathaway / Madison Commons

(Aaron Hathaway/Madison Commons)

At the current step in the planning process, key pieces of the new draft focus on transit improvements and creating more housing choices and family-supportive jobs.

There is a comparison tool on the Imagine Madison website that lets readers look at two future land use maps side-by-side; one from 2006 and the May 2018 draft. According to the Imagine Madison online resources, the most important changes includes adding a fourth residential designation.

Throughout the project, Imagine Madison has engaged the values, visions and opinions of  nearly 15,000 Madison citizens in a variety of ways, including through the website, markets and festivals, panels and social media.

In the next and final steps of the Imagine Madison project, the Plan Commission will review the draft before the Common Council reviews and adopts the finalized plan.

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