Madison Commons Media Digest, December 1, 2018

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Madison City

Madison shifts site for public market, Dean Mosiman, Wisconsin State Journal, Dec. 1.

Alder David Ahrens, Judge Doyle Square critic, won't seek reelection, Dean Mosiman, WSJ, Nov. 29.

Just one driver ticketed in first year of Madison's anti-idling ordinance, Logan Wroge, WSJ, Nov. 27.


After 110 years, The Progressive Magazine hopes to achieve financial health through donationsLisa Speckhard Pasque, Capital Times, December 2.

In new "Hearth" project, UW's Kathy Cramer turns the page on the 'politics of resentment,' Paul Fanlund, CT, Nov. 30.

Four UW Hospital patients develop Legionnaire's disease, Dave Wahlberg, WSJ, Nov. 29.

Homeless for the Holidays volunteers work to get hundreds off the street as temperatures drop, Christina Lorey, Channel 3000, Nov. 29.

Addiction Recovery Helpline hopes to lower overdose deaths, Amy Reid, Channel 3000, Nov. 29.


Easy on the road salt, UW expert urges, Steven Verburg, WSJ, Dec. 1.

Just reducing lake levels won't prevent flooding, Dave Cieslewicz, Isthmus, Nov. 29.

Repaved Capital City Trail open after nearly 5-month rain delay, Steven Elbow, CT, Nov. 28.


Garver Feed Mill project adds three tenants, renegotiated micro-lodge component, Abigail Becker, CT, Dec. 1.


Memorial High students set to publish book about immigration experiences, Negassi Tesfamichael, CT, Nov. 29.

ERO Ad Hoc Committee recommends softer uniforms, stronger relationships, L. Malik Anderson, Madison 365, Nov. 27.

UW-Madison and Madison College

Judge orders WARF to pay $31.6 million to Washington University in St. Louis in royalties caseKelly Meyerhofer, WSJ, Dec. 1.

Madison College to implement new textbook plan that will slash costs, Lisa Speckhard Pasque, CT, Dec. 1.

Arts and Culture

At new nonprofit Communication, artist Jennifer Bastian makes spaces safer, Lindsay Christians, CT, Dec. 2.

Madison task force finalizes report criticizing inequity in local music, Erik Lorenzsonn, CT, Nov. 30.

Chazen honors legendary printmaker Warrington ColescottJay Rath, Isthmus, Nov. 29.

11 Holiday Events continuing through December, Joel Patinaude, Madison Magazine/Channel 3000, Nov. 29.


Opinion, Ed Wall, Wisconsin prisons need big changesWSJ, Dec. 2.

GOP lawmakers seek sweeping restrictions on newly elected Attorney General, Mark Sommerhauser and Riley Vetterkind, WSJ, Dec. 1.

GOP Senate Leader Scott Fitzgerald: Moving 2020 presidential primary would give conservative judge a 'better chance' in election, Mark Sommerhauser, WSJ, Nov. 28.

Outside groups spend $61 million in mid-term election, Riley Vetterkind, WSJ, Nov. 29.

State council's first plan to combat homelessness stresses Housing First, Dean Mosiman, WSJ, Nov. 27.

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