Hall of Citizen Journalists

These are some of the proud citizen journalists who underwent out Madison Commons workshops. They are carrying on their efforts in all forms of media outlets, including Madison Commons, local neighborhood newsletters, newspapers, blogs and also social media. We anticipate that they will play an active role in the next stage of local journalism, the All Together Now project which is a collaborative effort encompassing various legacy and emerging media in Madison.

(* In no particular order)

Angella Holderness
Annette Miller
Eileen Newman 
Gloria Gonzales 
Jodi Wortsman 
Npib Thao 
Robert Shelton 
Rose Johnson-Brown 
Sheri Carter 
Tara Wasser 
Beverly Scheurs 
Brian O'Donnell 
Dale Mitchell 
Jennifer Moore 
Margo Teidt 
Pamela Hathaway 
Rebecca Krantz 
Shawn Balestracci 
Andrea Robles 
Angella Holderness 
Dana Slowiak 
Eric Bertun 
Jimmy Ruffin 
Jodi Wortsman 
Marlene Forno 
Monique Currie 
Rebecca Krantz 
Sara Richards 
Shawn Salter