Media Digest December 4th 2017

Top Story

A Madison neighborhood is planning to monitor its own air quality because of frustration with the state department usually tasked with that job.


Madison schools released a report saying about 9 percent of students with disabilities have been physically restrained in the past year. An engineering program is designed to let Girl Scouts envision a mission to Mars. Backed by research, middle school students might get a later wake-up call when schools open later.


The city is looking for public comment on a plan to restructure its urban plan. It’s expected that the start-up culture of Madison and the state could be a key issue in the next governor’s race. Management-software company AkitaBox has added employees, raised capital, and plans growth.


Madison police want victims of abuse to know that they can turn to the department for help, and it’s spreading the news with a new campaign. Hmong people celebrated the New Year