Madison Common Council to vote on 100 percent renewable goal

The Madison Common Council will vote on a resolution to adopt a 100 percent renewable energy goal for all city operations at their meeting Tuesday at 6: 30 p.m.

If adopted, up to $250,000 would be authorized for a consultant to help develop a 100 percent clean energy plan over the next year. The plan would detail how the city can sustainably meet needs for energy use in electricity, heating and transportation by using only renewable energy. 

This resolution is one element of the Energy Work Plan approved by the City of Madison in 2016. According to a press release from Repower Madison, a local renewable energy group, an aggressive energy goal like this would position the City as a leader in clean energy efforts and help address global climate change. 

Citizens are welcome to attend to learn more about the initiative or register their support and voice a public comment.

Council members will consider the goal for 100 percent clean energy and are expected to cast a final vote by the end of the meeting.