Madison Commons Media Digest, September 26, 2021


Bumpy rollout for firm hired by state to conduct school-based COVID-19 testing, Chris Rickert, Wisconsin State Journal, September 23. More than 250 have attended Dane County schools with COVID-19 or just before infected, Dave Wahlberg, WSJ, September 22. Madison and Dane County

Proposed City Council districts would split up dorms, 'crack the student voice,' Logan Wroge, WSJ, September 26. Dane County Jail project $22 million over budget, group says cutting 2 floors an option, Emily Hamer, WSJ, September 24. Declawing cats would be banned in Madison under proposed ordinance, Emily Hamer, WSJ, September 23.

Madison Commons Media Digest, September 19, 2021


Jeff Burkhart on how the Literacy Network boosted COVID vaccine knowledge, Natalie Yahr, Capital Times, September 19. What's the vaccination rate at UW campuses? Kelly Meyerhofer, Wisconsin State Journal, September 17. Number of students, staff quarantines increased 4-fold in Madison School District, Elizabeth Beyer, WSJ, September 16. Unvaccinated nearly 9 times as likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19 in Wisconsin, Dave Wahlberg, WSJ, September 16.

Madison Commons Media Digest, September 12, 2021

Top Stories

Two classrooms quarantined due to COVID-19 in the Madison School District, Elizabeth Beyer, Wisconsin State Journal, September 11. COVID-19

Many long-term care staff in Wisconsin reject vaccine, despite risks, Madeline Fuerstenberg, Wisconsin Watch/Wisconsin Public Radio, September 11. Wisconsin hospital coalition urges COVID-19 vigilance as resources in region become limited, Logan Wroge, WSJ, September 10. Madison School District to partner with UW Health on COVID testing study, Elizabeth Beyer, WSJ, September 10. Dane County indoor mask mandate to curb COVID-19 extended until October 8, carves out exemption for performers, Abigail Becker, Capital Times, September 9.

Madison Commons Media Digest, September 5, 2021


State extends $100 COVID-19 vaccine reward program to Sept. 19, Mitchell Schmidt, Wisconsin State Journal, Sept. 4; In Wisconsin, $100 vaccine incentive seems to work, Nicole Herzog and Naomi Kowles, Channel3000, Sept. 3. Madison and Dane County

Mayor prioritizes homeless, housing, transit in record $355.3 million capital budget, Dean Mosiman, WSJ, Sept.