Madison Commons Media Digest, November 28, 2021

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Madison School Board renames Memorial High School after Vel Phillips, Scott Girard, CT, November 22; Madison School Board votes unanimously to change Memorial High School to honor Vel Phillips, Elizabeth Beyer, Wisconsin State Journal, November 23. COVID-19

111 COVID positives Nov. 17-24 among Madison students, staff, Scott Girard, Capital Times, November 27. Unvaccinated Madison poll workers can work elections with negative COVID-19 test, Mitchell Schmidt, WSJ, November 24. Mask mandate extended in Madison, Dane County through Jan.

Madison Commons Media Digest, November 21, 2021

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'Really overwhelming': First residents move into tiny shelters in Madison just ahead of winter, Dean Mosiman, Wisconsin State Journal, November 20. COVID-19

Unvaccinated 15 times more likely to die from COVID-19 in Wisconsin, Dave Wahlberg, WSJ, November 16. Madison and Dane County

Touting transparent process, Dane County Board approves new redistricting map, Allison Garfield, Capital Times, November 20. Madison police oversight board mulls thousands of dollars in honorarium payment for director, members, Chris Rickert, WSJ, November 20. Madison Fire Department expects new fire chief to be chosen in March, Lucas Robinson, WSJ, November 19.

Madison Commons Media Digest, November 14, 2021

Madison and Dane County

Madison clerk responds to subpoena for 2020 election records, Jesse Opoien, Capital Times, November 12. Madison City Council approves 2022 budget, Nicholas Garton, CT, November 12; Madison City Council adopts 2022 budget, adds $51 in taxes to average home, Logan Wroge, Wisconsin State Journal, November 11. 2022 Madison City and Dane County budgets explained, Carousel Bayrd, "A Public Affair," WORT-FM, November 10. COVID-19

UW-Madison tells all employees to get vaccinated, citing Biden's federal vaccine mandate, Kelly Meyerhofer, WSJ, November 11. UW Health requires COVID-19 vaccination for transplant patients, Dave Wahlberg, WSJ, November 11.

Madison Commons Media Digest, November 7, 2021

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'Better than Christmas': Excitement, relief as Madison area kids receive first COVID vaccine doses, Scott Girard, Capital Times, November 4. COVID-19

Conservative Wisconsin law firm sues to block White House vaccine, testing rules, Jack Kelly, CT, November 4. Public Health Madison and Dane County to begin vaccinating young children within a week, Lucas Robinson, Wisconsin State Journal, November 3; COVID-19 vaccine to be ready for younger children later this week, Associated Press, November 2. Madison and Dane County

Dane County committee adds money for homelessness, raises to $754.6M budget, Logan Wroge, WSJ, November 4. Madison City Council adopts new map for aldermanic districts, Logan Wroge, WSJ, November 3.

Madison Commons Media Digest, October 31


La Follette students walk out to support sexual assault survivors, call for district action, Elizabeth Beyer, Wisconsin State Journal, October 30. 8 Madison School District teachers sought COVID-19 accommodation, 5 were denied, Elizabeth Beyer, WSJ, October 28. East High School principal out following week of student protests, Elizabeth Beyer, WSJ, October 27. Proposal would add early literacy screening, intervention for Wisconsin public schools, Scott Girard, Capital Times, October 25. Dane County budget amendments would boost raises for lowest earners, essential workers, Emily Hamer, WSJ, October 27.

Madison Commons Media Digest, October 24, 2021


Madison schools see 39 new COVID-19 cases, 152 quarantines over past week, Scott Girard, Capital Times, October 20. Madison and Dane County

Federal aid helps Madison budget in short term, Abigail Becker, CT, October 21. Madison and Dane County consider focused effort to address surge of gun violence, Dean Mosiman, Wisconsin State Journal, October 20. Madison police get 2 federal grants totaling $250,000-plus for community-oriented policing, Jeff Richgels, WSJ, October 20. Dane County to consider additional $23 million for jail project, Abigail Becker, CT, October 20.

Madison Commons Media Digest, October 17, 2021

Madison and Dane County

Madison police see success in summer crime-reducing strategies–with one exception, Chris Rickert, Wisconsin State Journal, October 16. Dane County Board oks tentative new map for voting districts, Abigail Becker, Capital Times, October 15. Madison crisis-response program seeing 'smooth rollout,' with 37 calls in 5-plus-weeks, Chris Rickert, WSJ, October 13. COVID-19

Madison School District sees drop in new COVID cases and quarantines in past week, Elizabeth Beyer, WSJ, October 13. Another Wisconsin parent sues over school's lack of COVID-19 protocols, Associated Press, October 12.

Madison Commons Media Digest, October 10, 2021


Hospitals overcrowded with COVID, but Sen. Ron Johnson says it's just like flu, Drake Bentley, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Oct. 9. Temporary booster vaccination clinic opening Tuesday at Alliant Energy Center, Jeff Richgels, Wisconsin State Journal, October 7. Madison School District sees dozens of new COVID-19 cases and quarantines in past week, Elizabeth Beyer, WSJ, October 7. Public Health extends indoor mask mandate to prevent COVID-19 spread, Abigail Becker, Capital Times, October 4.

Madison Commons Media Digest, October 3, 2021

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Wisconsin surpasses 8,000 COVID-19 deaths, Lucas Robinson, Wisconsin State Journal, October 2. COVID-19

81 new positives, 474 new quarantines in Madison School District over past week, Scott Girard, Capital Times, September 29. COVID cases, quarantines continue to tick upward in the Madison School District, Elizabeth Beyer, WSJ, September 29. COVID-19 vaccinations will be required for all Madison schools teachers and staff by Nov. 1, Molly DeVore, WSJ, September 28.

Madison Commons Media Digest, September 26, 2021


Bumpy rollout for firm hired by state to conduct school-based COVID-19 testing, Chris Rickert, Wisconsin State Journal, September 23. More than 250 have attended Dane County schools with COVID-19 or just before infected, Dave Wahlberg, WSJ, September 22. Madison and Dane County

Proposed City Council districts would split up dorms, 'crack the student voice,' Logan Wroge, WSJ, September 26. Dane County Jail project $22 million over budget, group says cutting 2 floors an option, Emily Hamer, WSJ, September 24. Declawing cats would be banned in Madison under proposed ordinance, Emily Hamer, WSJ, September 23.