Amos Roe

Amos Roe

“Teachers should be given more freedom. Teachers don’t have choice unless they are allowed to work in a school that gives them freedom,” Roe said.

Roe is for school choice at every level of a schooling.

Giving teachers, parents, and students the freedom to choose their educational options, according to Roe, is the first step to creating a healthy school culture. “A lot of teachers are resigning now and the big thing is because of loss of control over their kids. School choice begins with giving control back to the teacher.”

Roe believes that academic achievement has slipped because children are seen by policymakers as abstract educational outcomes.  Speaking of students, Roe said, “They are empty receptacles of academics. My role as board member is to fight the feds and states and other board members” to ensure that students, parents, teachers and principals are free to choose how to “encourage an interest in learning.”

“The central issue is getting children motivated and interested in learning,” Roe said. “It is not what they learn; most kids don’t remember what they learned the day after the test. You have to create lifelong learning skills and confidence.”

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