Ananda Mirilli

Ananda Mirilli

Ananda Mirilli is running for School Board Seat 5

What is the biggest challenge facing Madison schools?

“Definitely racial gaps, and differentiation in how students of color experience our schools and the ways in which both students’ families and staff are experiencing health and experiencing. school safety.”

Why are you qualified to help fix this problem?

“I have worked most of my adult life to address racial disparities in education. I have academic background in education leadership from UW-Madison and undergrad [degree] in human services and psychology.

Most importantly, I face the challenges similar to what other families face….I’m an immigrant, what my daughter and I experience bring us closer to what other families of color in Madison experience. To speak from these experiences from the first person is important.”

When it comes to fixing this problem, what’s more important to your vision: finding consensus (making everybody happy), reaching compromise (everybody gives up something), or sticking to principals?

“I will not compromise on addressing racial gaps and disproportionality. I intend to align the interest of school board and community and teachers and school staff to promote systemic changes that promote those shared interests.”

“[My candidacy for School board] is as much about me, as this about our community as it is about inspiring our residents and elected officials to work collaboratively to support our families and staff and teachers to be the Madison we want to be; the Madison we are proud of and where we welcome every person.”


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