Media Digest July 7, 2018

This week's top stories and a few worth noting. Read Dean Mosiman's series running this week on Gun Violence in Madison. It's an important story assembled by a fine reporter.  Wisconsin State Journal, starting July 8. Community

Heroin deaths at all time high in Madison and Wisconsin.

Media Digest June 30, 2018

A look at some of this week's top stories. Education

MMSD will lose 7.1 million in state revenue in the coming year because of changes in the funding formula favoring low-wealth districts. Kelly Meyerhofer, Wisconsin State Journal, June 30. Final approval for UW System merger; will bring Extension under UW-Madison. Kelly Meyerhofer, Wisconsin State Journal, June 30. City and Community

Spike in gun violence; victims are African Americans, Steven Elbow, Cap Times, June 27,

Kwik Trip asks permission to see single serving beer and hard cider at South Side stores. Barry Adams, Wisconsin State Journal, June 28.

Media Digest June 24

Stories from this past week and a look ahead. Neighborhoods and Development

Monroe Street development brings new coping strategies from businesses. Barry Adams, WSJ, 6/24. Some far west side residents criticize new development plan. Lisa Speckhard Pasque. CT, 6/19.

Media Digest June 15, 2018

Top Story

Paul Soglin will propose a $17 vehicle-registration fee to help close budget shortfalls and maintain community service programs for low-income residents. Chris Rickert, Wisconsin State Journal, 6/15. Community

The Dane County Immigration and Refugee Task Force, created last summer, announced its recommendations, including a call for a universal drivers' card.  Madison 365, 6/15. The James Reeb Unitarian Universalist Church on Madison's eastside is renovating its building to serve as a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants.

Media Digest June 8

Top Story

The downtown centerpiece Judge Doyle Square project is facing a new roadblock as Chicago developer Beitler Real Estate Services sues the City of Madison over its appropriation of an additional $11 million dollars. Logan Wroge @LWrogeof the Wisconsin State Journal, 6/7. Community

A new program will help inmates of Dane County Jail move back into society.  The program is a joint effort of Madison-area Urban Ministry (MUM) Nehemiah Center, Anesis Center, and the Jessie Crawford Recovery Center. A contract with Dane County for $110,000 is pending.

Media Digest May 29, 2018

The Madison Commons Media Digest for this post-Memorial Day week:

Our Top Story: Former Alder Satya Rhodes-Conway declares that she will run for Mayor in 2019, from Abby Becker, @abecker_4 Cap Times. 

In political news this past week: Chris Rickert Wisconsin State Journal reported on Madison residents discussing Gov. Walker’s $100 per child rebate asking: good politics or pandering? Foxconn disputed reports that it's already changing plans for its Wisconsin plant from Mark Sommerhauser, Wisconsin State Journal. In education, Edgewood College and the Hmong Institute are launching new certificate program, from Lisa Speckhard Pasque, Cap Times. The Madison Community Foundation donated $1.1 million to initiative to develop “wrap-around services” to students and their families, from the Wisconsin State Journal's Shelley K. Mesch @skmesch.  This was the final award in a year of MCF giving and Mesch neatly recaps the entire year. In Nonprofit news: The Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice honored Sergio Gonzalez, a UW-Madison Ph.D., and the Community Immigration Law Clinic for immigrant advocacy work, from Lisa Speckhard Pasque, Cap Times.