Madison Commons Media Digest, Nov. 3, 2019

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Nuniq, Vilas Zoo polar bear, grins and bears October snowfall, Wisconsin State Journal, Nov. 1. Madison and Dane County

Mayor's Neighborhood Roundtable 2019 discusses Madison housing challenges, Emily Burditt, WISC-Channel3000, Nov. 3. Madison mayor questions F-35 study, asks Pentagon to reconsider, Chris Hubbuch, WSJ, Nov.

Madison Commons Media Digest, October 27, 2019


MSAN students want more teachers of color in Madison, Oct. 26; Another Madison school staffer disciplined under 'zero tolerance' shares story, Oct.25; Conference brings more than 200 to Madison to discuss equity for students of color, Oct. 23; Two other grievances over racial slur use in process, Madison teachers' union says Oct. 22; Scott Girard, CT. Middleton High School investigates racial segregation incident, Chris Rickert, WSJ, Oct.

Madison Commons Media Digest, October 20, 2019

Madison and Dane County

Independent monitor among committee's recommendations for Madison Police Department, Howard Hardee, WSJ, Oct. 20; Madison City Council members seek more police, firefighters in 2020 budget, Dean Mosiman, WSJ, Oct. 19;  Committee studying Madison Police Department issues years-in-the-making report, Abigail Becker, CT, Oct. 18; Madison Police and Fire Commission names Vic Wahl as acting chief, Abigail Becker, CT, Oct. 15.

Madison Commons Media Digest, October 13, 2019

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An important special report from Dean Mosiman: Homelessness in Wisconsin: State at the Crossroads, Wisconsin State Journal, Oct. 13. Madison and Dane County

Explained: Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway's $40 vehicle registration proposal, Abigail Becker, Capital Times, Oct. 10; Madison's proposed $40 wheel tax would be highest in state, but may be 'only way' to balance budget, Emily Hamer, WSJ, Oct. 9.

Madison Commons Media Digest, October 6, 2019

Madison and Dane County

Chief Mike Koval's sudden retirement sets Police and Fire Commission process in motion, Abigail Becker, CT, Oct. 5; Out with a bang: Koval wanted to avoid the 'torture' of a budget fight, Dylan Brogan, Isthmus, Oct. 3;   Madison Police Chief Mike Koval announces retirement, Emily Hamer, WSJ, Sept. 30. Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway proposes vehicle fee, independent police auditor in operating budget; Dane Co.

Madison Commons Media Digest, September 29, 2019

In Sunday blog post, Mike Koval announces retirement as police chief, Abigail Becker, Capital Times, Sept. 29; Police Chief Koval retires, Emily Hamer, Wisconsin State Journal, Sept. 29. Madison and Dane County

Many local candidates fail to file campaign finance reports, but city clerks 'have no teeth,' Sept. 28; Avra Reddy to step down from District 8 City Council seat, Sept.

Madison Commons Media Digest, September 22, 2019

Madison and Dane County

Air Force mulls F-35s for Truax Field, will local opinion sway decision? Chris Hubbuch, Wisconsin State Journal, September 22; Noise levels might get louder, Howard Hardee, Isthmus, September 19. Review finds police behavior in teen's forceful arrest 'legally justifiable' but flawed, Chris Rickert, WSJ, September 21; Family of teen beaten by Madison police threatens legal action, Robert Chappell, Madison365, September 22. Dane Co. Board votes to rename Lake Monona's Squaw Bay, Emily Hamer, WSJ, September 20.

Madison Commons Media Digest, September 15, 2019

Madison and Dane County
Madison leaders weigh how to avoid homelessness, housing, traffic problems of Seattle, Logan Wroge, Wisconsin State Journal, September 15. Madison receives highest bond rating but with negative outlook, Abigail Becker, Capital Times, September 13. Air Force meeting draws boosters, foes, and questions about F-35s, Logan Wroge, WSJ, September 13; Council members draft resolution asking Air Force to reconsider locating F-35s in Madison, Abigail Becker, Capital Times, September 12; F-35 stirs strong reaction in Madison, Ruth Conniff, Wisconsin Examiner, September 13; What happens if Truax Field doesn't get the F-35? Mitchell Schmidt, WSJ, September 13; More than 500 homes near airport likely not eligible for soundproofing, city says, Emily Hamer, WSJ, September 11. Report from investigation into Dane County jail construction to remain confidential for now, Abigail Becker, CT, September 12.

Madison Commons Media Digest, September 8, 2019

UPDATED: Budget hearings this week:

Budget time: Madison and Dane County begin hearings on 2020 budgets, Abigail Becker, Capital Times, September 9. Madison and Dane County

Housing and Buses: Rhodes-Conway releases 2020 capital budget proposal, Abigail Becker, Capital Times, September 3; Mayor Satya-Rhodes Conway prioritizes Metro Transit, housing, in first capital budget, Dean Mosiman, Wisconsin State Journal, September 4;

Despite additional efforts, winter is likely to be what reduces bad behavior downtown, Chris Rickert, WSJ, September 8. City unveils detailed public market plans, Abigail Becker, Capital Times, September 6. Truax Field to lose $8 million for border wall, Mitchell Schmidt, WSJ, September 5. Community

Henry Vilas Zoo accreditation will continue, Ed Trelevan, WSJ, September 7.