Madison Commons Media Digest, September 8, 2019

UPDATED: Budget hearings this week:

Budget time: Madison and Dane County begin hearings on 2020 budgets, Abigail Becker, Capital Times, September 9. Madison and Dane County

Housing and Buses: Rhodes-Conway releases 2020 capital budget proposal, Abigail Becker, Capital Times, September 3; Mayor Satya-Rhodes Conway prioritizes Metro Transit, housing, in first capital budget, Dean Mosiman, Wisconsin State Journal, September 4;

Despite additional efforts, winter is likely to be what reduces bad behavior downtown, Chris Rickert, WSJ, September 8. City unveils detailed public market plans, Abigail Becker, Capital Times, September 6. Truax Field to lose $8 million for border wall, Mitchell Schmidt, WSJ, September 5. Community

Henry Vilas Zoo accreditation will continue, Ed Trelevan, WSJ, September 7.

Madison Commons Media Digest, September 1, 2019

Madison and Dane County

Dane County, Madison partner to bring water treatment systems to five city beaches, August 30; Sheila Stubbs pushes deadline for Dane County departments to submit equity plans, August 29; Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway appoints fifth deputy mayor, August 27, Abigail Becker, Capital Times. Madison and Dane County considering new park access for dogs, Shelley K. Mesch, Wisconsin State Journal, September 1. Community

White flag overdose awareness ceremony brings hundreds to Olbrich Park to remember loved ones lost, Jamie Perez, Channel3000, August 31. Chabad of Madison to celebrate new Torah scroll, Shelley K. Mesch, WSJ, August 30. Education

Madison schools expand 24-hour monitoring of district-issued laptops for bullying, self-harm, Logan Wroge, WSJ, September 1.

Madison Commons Media Digest, August 25, 2019

Madison and Dane County

Independent Madison police monitor could launch investigations, but lack the final say, Chris Rickert, Wisconsin State Journal, August 25. Research group suggests changes in criminal court processing to reduce Dane County Jail population, Abigail Becker, Capital Times, August 24. Edgewood College alleges religious discrimination in lawsuit against Madison over use of athletic field, Abigail Becker, CT, August 22; Edgewood offered to 'coordinate messaging' on lawsuit with mayor, Judith Davidoff, Isthmus, August 22. Overlooked: Former Dane County staff attorneys frustrated with working conditions, Abigail Becker, CT, August 19. Community

Madison365's Sí Se Puede 2019: Wisconsin's most powerful Latinos, Henry Sanders, August 24.

Madison Commons Media Digest, August 18, 2019

Madison and Dane County

Madison Flooding: Another deluge like 2018 would bring 'deep trouble' to area, Chris Hubbuch, Wisconsin State Journal, August 18. More than 1,000 Madison homes would be 'incompatible for residential use' with F-35 jets, Shelley K. Mesch, WSJ, August 11. Performance Review: Critics acknowledge Koval's challenges, describe him as defensive, emotional; 'I feel outnumbered': An interview with Mike Koval, Abigail Becker, Capital Times, August 14. Community

Ten reports of Klan propaganda in and near Madison, Robert Chappell, Madison365, August 15. A Wisconsin group leading efforts to bring supplies to Mississippi immigrants families torn apart by ICE, David Dahmer, Madison365, August 15.

Madison Commons Media Digest, August 11, 2019

Madison and Dane County

'Extraordinarily Disappointing': Madison police union calls out Rhodes-Conway over comments, August 10; Madison City Council approves initial recommendations from police committee, August 7; Rhodes-Conway offers next steps to address mental health crises, August 6, Abigail Becker, Capital Times; Madison mayor condemns police response to June arrest, Chris Rickert, Wisconsin State Journal, August 7. State to triple size of Mendota Juvenile Treatment Center on North Side, Dean Mosiman, Wisconsin State Journal, August 8. Community

Women allege they were sexually abused a kids at Calvary Gospel Church in Madison, Katelyn Ferral, CT, August 9. Community leaders speak out against ICE raids, rally at Capitol, Ruth Conniff, Wisconsin Examiner, August 9. Education

Jennifer Cheatham hopes she positioned Madison School District to get to the 'next level' on racial equity, Logan Wroge, WSJ, August 11.

Madison Commons Media Digest, August 4, 2019

Madison and Dane County

Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway focusing on building relationships, staff, Dean Mosiman, Wisconsin State Journal, August 4. Madison City Council launches Twitter account, Abigail Becker, Capital Times, August 3. City faces costly choice on low-cost housing for Judge Doyle Square, Dean Mosiman, WSJ, August 1. Community

Marginalized communities would be most impacted by jets at Truax Field, Olivia Herken, WSJ, August 3. Support Staff: New network offers support for all pregnancy options, including abortion, Steven Potter, Isthmus, August 1.

Madison Commons Media Digest, July 21, 2019

Heat Wave

Cause of MGE substation explosion still unknown, businesses regroup, Shelley K. Mesch, Wisconsin State Journal, July 21. Thousands without power after fire cripples MGE facilities, Abigail Becker, Brianna Reilly, Natalie Yahr, Lisa Speckhard Pasque, Steven Elbow;  Mayor applauds emergency response, Abigail Becker, Capital Times, July 20. Photos: Explosion and fire in Downtown Madison, Steve Apps and Kyle Jensen, WSJ, July 20. Video: Transformer explosion, Excessive heat warning in effect for Southern Wisconsin, Bill Novak, WSJ, July 19.

Madison Commons Media Digest, July 14, 2019

Top Story

'The party's over': Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway targets bad behaviors at the top of State Street, Dean Mosiman, Wisconsin State Journal, July 13. Madison and Dane County

Edgewood High can't use its field to play games, Lisa Speckhard Pasque, Capital Times, July 12; Edgewood exploring 'legal pathways' to hold games on its playing field, Emily Hamer, WSJ, July 13. Citing patrol shortage, Madison police planning to slash proactive policing units, Chris Rickert, WSJ, July 11. Madison to study safety before pilot program for electric scooters, Dean Mosiman, WSJ, July 11. Former board member Ed Hughs will apply for vacant Madison School Board seat, others also mulling plans, Negassi Tesfamichael, CT, July 10.

Madison Commons Media Digest, July 7, 2019

Top Story

Mary Burke steps down from Madison School Board after seven years, Logan Wroge, Wisconsin State Journal, July 6;  Madison365 staff, July 5. Madison and Dane County

Shake the Lake shooting prompts Mayer Satya Rhodes-Conway to call for local control over guns, Abigail Becker, Capital Times, July 2. Community

Groundbreaking Healing House set to host its first family, David Dahmer, Madison365, July 4. Fourth Annual Westfest at Elver Park will highlight diversity of Madison's Southwest Side, David Dahmer, Madison365, July 2. Wisconsin veterans homeless program at King to close by September, Katelyn Ferral, CT, July 2.

Madison Commons Media Digest, June 30, 2019

Madison and Dane County

Madison may open more parks to dogs, Dean Mosiman; Madisonians weigh in, Olivia Herken, Wisconsin State Journal (WSJ), June 28; City asks public to weigh in, Lisa Speckhard Pasque, Capital Times (CT), June 27. Contract for police in schools heading to Madison City Council July 2; Dane County sees programming potential in housing youth with longer-term incarceration sentences, Abigail Becker, CT, June 24. Madison police use real-time drone technology to monitor this year's Shake the Lake, Adam Duxter, Channel3000, June 29. Community

Madison poised to fund community members to engage youths on Southwest Side, Dean Mosiman, WSJ, June 29. Latino community responds to Supreme Court census ruling, June 28; Census citizenship question could create fear for Madison immigrants, lead to undercount, Abigail Becker, CT, June 25.