David Blaska

David Blaska

Running for Seat 4 on Madison Board of Education

“We need safer schools and a safer community,” Blaska said.  

Blaska believes the key to improving academic achievement is to “demand better” from students and to “put teachers back in charge of their classroom.”

No question, the racial disparity in achievement in Madison and Dane County is real,” Blaska said. “Madison wants to help [students] but we cannot as long as we keep telling those kids they are victims incapable of making a better future...The answer is not to dumb down deviancy or to blame implicit bias or white privilege.

As Blaska sees it, the first lesson students need is discipline.

“You know Madison schools are in trouble when even the school board meetings end in chaos....Many current school board members and this year’s candidates were endorsed by Progressive Dane. Their education platform demands cops out of schools and legal services for students facing exclusion. Hey kids, lawyer up! But nothing about students’ responsibility.”

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