Ali Muldrow

Ali Muldrow

Running for Seat 4 on Madison Board of Education

“I am running for school board because I would like to see our school district to become the first district in the nation where kids have the opportunity to dance everyday at school," Muldrow said.

To improve school culture and improve academic achievement, Muldrow wants to prioritize arts education and recruit more “certified art teachers, dance instructors and artists-in-residence  giving our students robust opportunities in music and theater throughout their education.”

Muldrow hopes to bring her experience advocating for “educational justice” at the state-level to the school board. As a member of Governor Evers’ Public Safety and Criminal Justice Reform advisory council, she has worked with policymakers across the state “to empower schools to achieve productive climates.”

Muldrow wants to see more programs like the Simpson Street Free Press and the African American History Bowl.

“This is the programming that shaped my childhood growing up in Madison,” Muldrow said. “Those opportunities gave me the critical thinking skills I needed to run for school board...Getting cast in a Midsummer Night’s Dream and A Raisin in the Sun allowed me to have a expansive relationship with my own potential, and see the different roles that I could fill.”

Schools for Muldrow should be “places where young people recognize opportunities that are meaningful to them. The top grossing jobs in 2008 did not exist in 2002. Our schools need to have a capacity to cultivate students who go on to be lifelong learners capable of adapting to a world that changes rapidly around them.”

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