Kaleem Caire

Kaleem Caire

Running for Seat 3 on Madison Board of Education

“Public education needs a reboot,” Caire said. “When all schools have low scores for black and brown kids, and even white kids fall behind other countries, it is time to recast a vision.”

Caire believes improving academic achievement starts with a school culture which prioritizes ‘building relationships with kids” and investing in families.

“Parents need to be connected to school, whether kids are struggling or not.”

Caire, founder of the charter school One City, said, “I’ll call up parents and go do home visits. Our principal does coffee with parents one-on-one. We have a parent committee We have got to go further to extend ourselves.”

Caire argues that education policy in Madison has relied on “antiquated school models.”

“We are just teaching kids different levels of Moby Dick and the Scarlet Letter.” Caire said. “We go from picture books to The Scarlet Letter and it is boring as hell.”

The solution? “We need to develop innovative schools. We need to align them to the multiple intelligences of our student.”  

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