SSFP Reporters Visit the Weis Earth Science Museum

One hot day this summer, Deney, Sarah, Josepha,  drove all the way from the Free Press newsroom off West Broadway to Appleton, Wisconsin, ready to learn about space and geology. We embarked on this journey to attend the annual Wisconsin Space Grant Conference, titled “Uncharted Lands: Geology and Space.” While we were in the city, we visited the Weis Earth Science Museum to learn about fossils, rocks, and minerals. The Museum is named after Leonard and Donna Weis, who donated the first gift to the Weis Earth Museum and later became its directors. Joanne Kluessendorf is the museum’s founding director. All of the exhibits in the museum were donated by T. John Barlow, Clyde Stephenson, and Donald G. Mikulie.

SSFP: Three Simpson Street Reporters Receive Outstanding Young Person Awards

This story originally appeared in the Simpson Street Free Press. The story was written by Jacqueline Zuniga Paiz, an Assistant Editor at SSFP. 

Every year, over 800 Wisconsin parents, youth, teachers, school faculty, and community members come together to attend Urban League’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Youth Recognition Breakfast. Held at Edgewood High School this year, the annual event celebrates local students’ academic achievement, extracurricular participation, and commitment to community service. About 200 middle and high school students of color from Dane County receive Outstanding Young Person awards at the event, which is one of the state’s biggest youth and family-focused celebrations of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Simpson Street staff and students are proud to announce that three of our young reporters were among those who received awards at this year’s community celebration. from St.

Simpson Street Free Press celebrates its 25th anniversary with growth and innovation

Long-celebrated local out-of-school program Simpson Street Free Press is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2018 with several programs that connect  students with the greater Wisconsin community. At their core, SSFP’s anniversary projects embody the mission that the organization has been promoting for 25 years—challenging achievement gaps through out-of-school, high-impact literacy training. “To celebrate, we will continue doing what we do best,” senior editor Taylor Kilgore said. “Write, publish, and spark academic achievement.”
Many of SSFP’s anniversary projects launched in 2017, and will continue to grow, overlap and connect in its anniversary year. The plan for 2018 is an enhanced focus on science, environment, art and history, Kilgore said.

SSFP: The Simpson Street Neighborhood Name Represents a Storied Past

This story originally appeared in the Simpson Street Free Press. This article was written by Amie Kabera. She is a Junior at La Follette High School where she is President of Black Student Union. She is a Teen Editor at Simpson Street Free Press and works closely with our La Prensa Libre de Simpson Street staff writers. Aside from being a young journalist, she has plans on going to Law School and becoming an Immigration Lawyer. 

Simpson Street, the road on which Simpson Street Free Press was established, was once a corn field and the Royal Airport. The area around Antler’s Tavern—a beloved institution—has been through many challenges, but it’s always had a strong sense of community.

SSFP: New Festival Foods Building Employs Revolutionary Construction Materials

This story originally appeared in the Simpsons Street Free Press. It was written by Amanda Welch, an incoming eighth grade student at Sennett Middle School. Amanda has been with Simpson Street Free Press since elementary school with one of our other publications--Glendale Free Press. She has continued on her writing by joining Sennett Free Press. Besides having an interest in reading and writing, Amanda enjoys practicing the violin.