January Backyard Heroes pick up extra work, involve parents in education

Community Shares, a partner of Madison Commons, recognizes two volunteers each month. The volunteers come from Community Shares' member groups and are selected for their service to the community and to community issues.

(John Urban)(John Urban)


Kathy Smith, Community Shares of Wisconsin

As a Community Shares of Wisconsin (CSW) volunteer, Kathy Smith has done a little of everything-- mailings, filing, data entry—all with accuracy and good humor. Kathy sometimes takes home volunteer work and “encourages” her husband to help out, and she even picks up extra hours to help CSW during our busiest times.

For more information about Community Shares of Wisconsin or to volunteer, visit www.communityshares.com or call 608-256-1066.




(John Urban)(John Urban)


Carolina Castellanos, Nuestro Mundo Inc.

At Nuestro Mundo Community School, Carolina Castellanos excels at involving parents in their children’s education. As a parent volunteer, Carolina heads the school’s community group, where she finds ways to increase participation inside and outside of the classroom. Carolina also volunteers in classrooms herself and leads an after-school running club for boys.

For more information about Nuestro Mundo Inc. or to volunteer, visit www.nuestromundoinc.org or call 608-223-9539.