Bike the Barns Part II: Hilly ride helps put food on low-income tables

On the morning of Sept 16, hundreds of people climbed on their bicycles and set off on a 60-mile loop through Wisconsin’s rolling farmland.  Competitive cyclists and recreational riders came together for the sixth annual Bike the Barns, an event that raises money to help low-income families afford shares from local farms that sell their produce through community supported agriculture (CSA) programs.

Sponsored by the FairShare CSA Coalition, the ride celebrated the cause it fundraised for -- a full day of scenic farmland and good food.  Every ten to fifteen miles, riders dismounted to eat locally made snacks and admire the views. 

The riders were warned to prepare for hills, and the course did not disappoint. Steep climbs forced some to push their bikes, but everyone continued forward, motivated by the delicious food waiting for them up ahead.  People participated for a variety of reasons, included the exercise, the community vibe, and strong support of the cause.