Cris Carusi

Cris Carusi is running for School Board Seat 3.

TJ Mertz

TJ Mertz is running for School Board Seat 5.

Amos Roe

Amos Roe is running for School Board Seat 5.

Do Police Officers Belong in Madison High Schools?

Sometimes the need to be safe intersects with the demand for justice. Controversies around a recent report to Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) regarding the existing contract with Madison Police Department (MPD) to employ an armed police officer, called Education Resource Officers (ERO), in each of MMSD’s four comprehensive high schools, highlights just how difficult it is to navigate the tension between safety and justice. “I think we never want to put safety at risk...And yet I want us to never sacrifice one student’s sense of safety for another,” Dr. Jen Cheatham Superintendent of MMSD said. “We are obligated to search so we can ensure that every child, no matter their background, feels safe.”
Debating the Presence of Police in Madison High Schools
In December 2016, the MMSD School Board established an ERO Ad Hoc Committee. The committee was tasked to review the existing contract with Madison Police Department.

Poverty in Wisconsin rose in 2018, depending on how it’s measured and defined

Poverty in Wisconsin rose in 2018 even though jobs were expanding, according to the 10th annual Wisconsin Poverty Report. The rate of poverty in Wisconsin increased in 2016 as compared to 2015, despite low levels of unemployment in the state, according to the Wisconsin Poverty Measure. The official poverty rate also increased, and the market-income poverty measure, which reflects employment levels and can be used to measure economic health, also rose, even though there was job expansion in that period. Poverty in Wisconsin by the Numbers
The 10th annual Wisconsin Poverty Report, released in June 2018 by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Institute for Research on Poverty (IRP), revealed that poverty in Wisconsin rose by 1.1 percent between 2015 and 2016 to 10.8 percent. The official poverty measure places poverty at 11.8 percent and the market-income poverty measure is at 23.2 percent.

The Boys and Girls Club of Dane County will celebrate 10 years of Hearts for Helping

The Boys and Girls Club of Dane County will celebrate 10 years of Hearts for Helping, its  second-largest annual fundraiser, on February 8. The semi-formal fundraising event will showcase wine and cheese from across Wisconsin and feature both silent and live auctions, as well as live entertainment. Proceeds from the event benefit the Boys & Girls Club 2019 academic and recreational programs. This year’s proceeds will support the Club’s summer programming and the outfitting of the Club’s new location in Sun Prairie. The event’s theme, A Storybook Celebration, highlights the expanding future of the Club and its achievements in Dane County. “Not only is it, celebrating ten years of the event, but also, it allows us to really talk about the story of the club, the story of a child going through all of our programming,” said Alex Murray, director of special events for the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County.