Madison Commons Media Digest, February 3, 2022

Madison Commons Media Digest, February 3, 2022

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Madison City Council starts the ball rolling on design competition for new Lake Monona waterfront

The Madison City Council approved a proposal for a design challenge to reimagine the Lake Monona waterfront. The proposal outlined several goals for the new design. The committee will be looking to connect the waterfront more to the downtown to make it more accessible for all. Additionally, the council isthey are  hoping to improve water quality for recreational users and all who call Lake Monona home. The design will also tip its hat to Frank Lloyd Wright and the Ho-Chunk Nation. Three teams will be chosen to compete in the design competition and hopefully a master plan will be selected by September 2023. 


Janet Bewley, Top Democratic Wisconsin State Senator will not seek reelection

After four years in the Assembly and seven in the Senate, Minority Leader Janet Bewley is not seeking reelection in November. She represents the 25th Senate district, which includes Ashland and Superior. She is retiring to spend more time with her husband and grandchildren. 


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Bridging the Gap is an in depth piece that explores the racial academic achievement gap in Madison public schools. You can explore the data and case study here

Infrastructure bill funds continue to favor cars, but not everyone drives explains one of the negative impacts of the latest infrastructure legislation from Washington. This legislation appropriates funds to highway development, which in turn benefits car drivers and suburban living. Inner city transportation lacks funding for improvement and to support the 20% of the population that use it in Wisconsin. 


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