Cat People (Podcast)

Cat People (Podcast)

Podcast shares stories of Madison project devoted to helping animals

Cat People a collection of podcasts that shares the stories of the Madison Cat Project , an animal welfare organization.
Cat People a collection of podcasts that shares the stories of the Madison Cat Project, an animal welfare organization.

Saving cats’ lives through community solutions: The Madison Cat Project works with individuals and organizations in the community to ensure that as many cats as possible receive the love and care they deserve — even if it isn’t easy. Animal welfare is a challenging industry but also has the potential to improve the lives of so many others, both human and animal. We all want to save the puppies and kittens of the world, but it takes a dedicated type of person to devote their life and career to this work. These are the human stories behind the cats and companions we welcome into our homes and into our hearts.

Cat People is part of a collection of podcasts created by students at the University of Wisconsin–Madison as a part of the Storytelling Through Sound course taught by Pat Hastings in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Each student had the opportunity to create a three-episode podcast series on a topic of their choice, using the project to explore advanced audio recording, editing and storytelling techniques.

Note: The following podcast contains profanity



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