Madison Commons Media Digest, February 23, 2020

Madison and Dane County

Madison leaders stress 2020 Census participation, open Census Bureau jobs, Abigail Becker, Capital Times, Feb. 18.

Noise concerns top list of more than 6,400 comments on F-35 study; Air Force to release final version this month, Chris Hubbuch, Wisconsin State Journal, Feb. 18.


Dane County community groups team up to fight black infant mortality, Abigail Becker, CT, Feb. 20.


Kurth resigns as Jefferson Middle School principal, Scott Girard, CT, Feb. 21.

MTI begins 'national search' for next executive director as Keillor announces retirement, Scott Girard, CT, Feb. 20.

Madison high-schoolers connect issues in 'Just Mercy' to their own lives, Scott Girard, CT, Feb. 20.

Pearson, Gomez Schmidt advance to general election for Madison School Board Seat 6, Scott Girard, CT, Feb. 18.

Unnamed parents, conservative law firm, sue Madison School District over gender identity policy, Logan Wroge, WSJ, Feb. 18.

Report: More teachers left MMSD last year than in previous four, Scott Girard, CT, Feb. 18.

'Explicit, structured phonics' a focus of Madison Schools' new literacy curriculum recommendation, Scott Girard, CT, Feb. 17.

Higher Education

18 months into UW merger, small rural campuses still struggling to find students, Kelly Meyerhofer, WSJ, Feb. 23.

Odyssey Behind Bars: Inmates find new hope while earning college credits, Pat Dillon, Isthmus,  Feb. 20.


Madison gears ups for bike path improvements to increase connectivity, safety citywide, Howard Hardee, WSJ, Feb. 17.


Think tank offers housing recommendations to improve community health, Abigail Becker, CT, Feb. 20.

Addressing mental health in Dane County, Carousel Bayrd, A Public Affair, WORT-FM, Feb. 18.

Arts and Culture

Jonathan Solari leads Madison Ballet as company's first-ever CEO, Abigail Becker, CT, Feb. 23.

New game comes from the mouth of Donald, Rebecca Lemar, Isthmus, Feb. 17.


American Family cuts 200 IT jobs, offers workers retraining, Shelley K. Mesch, WSJ, Feb. 20.

See inside Google's office space, Steve Apps, WSJ, Feb. 19.


Turning point: South Madison is changing, which has some residents worried they'll be priced out, Abigail Becker, CT, Feb. 19.

Politics and Voting

Wisconsin's nonvoters almost evenly split along political party lines, Mitchell Schmidt, WSJ, Feb. 19.


Wisconsin Assembly passes $10 million slate of bills to safeguard water, Briana Reilly, CT, Feb. 18.

Dane and Surrounding Counties

More than 100 workers laid off in Sun Prairie following sale of Kollege Town Sports, Shelly K. Mesch, WSJ, Feb. 18.

Sauk County takes new approach to heroin recovery, Karen Lamoreaux, Wisconsin Examiner, Feb. 17.

Collecting and remembering the automotive past in Janesville, Barry Adams, WSJ, Feb. 17.

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