Madison Commons Media Digest, July 14, 2019

Top Story

'The party's over': Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway targets bad behaviors at the top of State Street, Dean Mosiman, Wisconsin State Journal, July 13.

Madison and Dane County

Edgewood High can't use its field to play games, Lisa Speckhard Pasque, Capital Times, July 12; Edgewood exploring 'legal pathways' to hold games on its playing field, Emily Hamer, WSJ, July 13.

Citing patrol shortage, Madison police planning to slash proactive policing units, Chris Rickert, WSJ, July 11.

Madison to study safety before pilot program for electric scooters, Dean Mosiman, WSJ, July 11.

Former board member Ed Hughs will apply for vacant Madison School Board seat, others also mulling plans, Negassi Tesfamichael, CT, July 10.


Young philanthropists use birthdays for good causes, Samara Kalk Derby, WSJ, July 14.

Dane County effort lists next steps to battle black infant mortality, Lisa Speckhard Pasque, CT, July 12; Birth coaches health workers eyed to improve black infant mortality in Dane County, Dave Wahlberg, WSJ, July 13.

LULAC members protest 'Kids in Cages' at Sen. Ron Johnson's Milwaukee office, Stephanie Diaz de Leon, Madison365, July 12; Madison joins 'Lights for Liberty' protest of migrant detention camps, Abigail Becker, CT, July 11.

Madison assisted living facility evicts 87-year-old after she goes on Medicaid, David Wahlberg, WSJ, July 11.

Latina health cooperative offers maternal health care and more to Madison Spanish-speakers, Lisa Speckhard Pasque, CT, July 10.


Madison West High School to pilot free condoms for students, Logan Wrote, WSJ, July 11.

Higher Education

Regents set hearing on UW's free speech protest policy, Kelly Meyerhofer, WSJ, July 13.

Culture Shock: Former Edgewood College students and staff complain of racist campus culture, Steven Elbow, CT, July 10.


Wisconsin ratepayers to see refunds thanks to lower energy costs in 2018, Chris Hubbuch, WSJ, July 12.

Earth Partnership Initiative recognized with UW-Madison's Community-University Partnership Award, Ardith Van Riper, Madison365, July 11.

Don't call it 'compost': Madison set to launch new curbside food scraps collection, Chris Rickert, WSJ, July 9.

Food and Sustainability

Woodman's at 100, Chris Hubbuch, WSJ, July 13.

Arts and Culture

The world proclaims the architectural genius of Frank Lloyd Wright, Dave Zweifel, CT, July 14.

Wisconsin Examiner launches next week, Joe Tarr, Isthmus, July 11.

Busker Blues: Bassist Josh Cohen is fighting Madison's amplified sound restrictions, Dylan Brogan, Isthmus, July 11.

Housing and Development

Proposed apartments on Madison's East Side would provide over 200 units of workforce housing, Lisa Speckhard Pasque, CT, July 13.


Blacks arrested for pot possession at four times the rate of whites in Wisconsin, Izabela Zaluska, Wisconsin Watch, July 14.

With potential gap in funding for juvenile detention centers, counties in 'holding pattern,' Riley Vetterkind, WSJ, July 14.

Republicans propose constitutional amendment limiting governor's veto power, Kelly Meyerhofer, WSJ, July 11.

Dane County and Nine County Region

Verona's Hop Haus plans expansion to Fitchburg with $4m facility, Chris Drosner, WSJ, July 12.

Spring Green Pizza Party, Jeff Randall, Isthmus, July 11; Spring Green reverses approval of business to breed dogs for medical research, Oliva Herken, WSJ, July 11.

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