Madison Commons Media Digest, November 29, 2020


Dane County grows by 420 new cases as current hospitalizations continue to drop, Stephanie Díaz de Léon, Nov. 28; Wisconsin confirms 1,300 coronavirus cases, 17 deaths, as testing stalls for holiday, Robert Chappell, Nov. 27, Madison365.

Meet a fraction of the Wisconsinites who died this week, USA Today Network-Wisconsin, Nov. 27.

Dane County Sheriff says COVID-19 outbreak in jail 'under control' after last week's spike, Emily Hamer, Wisconsin State Journal, Nov. 27.

Conservative legal group sues Dane County over ban on private gatherings, Riley Vetterkind, WSJ, Nov. 24.

Madison and Dane County

Madison's budget projections worsen for 2020 amid pandemic, Dean Mosiman, WSJ, Nov. 28.

Madison community group moving forward on Vel Phillips statue proposal, Abigail Becker, Capital Times, Nov. 27.

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi states case for re-election, stability during pandemic, Abigail Becker, CT, Nov. 26.

Ho-Chunk Nation flag takes official place at Madison Municipal Building, Madison365, Nov. 25.

Politics and Voting

Dane County Clerk says presidential election recount has concluded, still need to complete paperwork, Channel3000, Nov. 28.

Milwaukee County vote recount gives Joe Biden small boost, Associated Press, Nov. 28.

Conservatives question longstanding role of Elections Commission chairperson in certifying election, Riley Vetterkind, WSJ, Nov. 28.

Madsplainers podcast: In a pandemic election, how do you insure everyone can vote? Natalie Yahr and Abigail Becker, CT, Nov. 28.

Lawmakers could 'mess' with Wisconsin's 10 electoral votes, Anya van Wagtendonk, Wisconsin Watch, Nov. 25.


Hey Democrats, a decade of playing nice is enough, Paul Fanlund, CT, Nov. 27.

The painful, futile, ridiculous Wisconsin recount, Ruth Conniff, Wisconsin Examiner, Nov. 25.


Child abuse reporting down during pandemic, while internet crimes increase, Emily Hamer, WSJ, Nov. 28.

New church collaboration aims to bridge congregations with Dane County community and its needs, Katelyn Ferral, CT, Nov. 26.


Parents across Dane County launch grassroots effort to get students back in school amid pandemic, Elizabeth Beyer, WSJ, Nov. 27.

Without a school building, Schools of Hope adapts it community tutoring program online, Elizabeth Beyer, WSJ, Nov. 26.

Higher Education

Research inspired by COVID-19: UW work on genetic sequencing traces community spread, Yvonne Kim, CT, Nov. 28.

UW-Madison international students see hope, reset in Biden administration, Kelly Meyerhofer, WSJ, Nov. 26.

Amid pandemic, food pantry usage among UW-Madison, MATC students continues to grow, Kelly Meyerhofer, WSJ, Nov. 24.


Bears, wolves, fishers and a cougar: Wisconsin wildlife in 50 million photos, Chris Hubbuch, WSJ, Nov. 28.

$10M initiative aims to boost farmers, economy, and environment with grazing, Chris Hubbuch, WSJ, Nov. 27.

Regulators approve 1-year electricity freeze, 4.1% gas increase for MGE customers, Chris Hubbuch, WSJ, Nov. 25.


Dane County doula program targets Black infant mortality rate, Abigail Becker, CT, Nov. 23.

Closing racial gap in infant mortality, preterm births will 'take a village', Madalyn O'Neill, Channel3000, Nov. 27.

Food and Sustainability

Just Bakery program rolls on despite changes due to COVID-19, Shelley K. Mesch, WSJ, Nov. 27.

Black-owned business offers fresh produce while supporting hard-hit farmers, Robert Chappell, Madison365, Nov. 25.

December Farmers' Markets moving into large pavilion at Alliant, Samara Kalk Derby, WSJ, Nov. 24.

Media, Arts and Culture

Wisconsinites follow national tend in cutting cable subscriptions, Shelley K. Mesch, WSJ, Nov. 28.

Children's Theater of Madison to showcase four plays by award-winning playwright, streamed free online, Mackenzie Krumme, Madison365, Nov. 27.

'Beyond the Ingenue: Trailblazers' Music Theatre of Madison's ode to bold women in ballad, Gwendolyn Rice, Isthmus, Nov. 27.

Local performer's pro-staying-at-home video goes viral, thanks to Rafael, Ava, and Oprah, Robert Chappell, Madison365, Nov. 26.


Proposal would nix Madison's mandatory bicycle registration law, Logan Wroge, WSJ, Nov. 28.

Madison may push Bus Rapid Transit system to center lanes, Dean Mosiman, WSJ, Nov. 27.

Housing and Development

With eviction looming, most Gardens Retirement Community residents have found new homes, Steven Elbow, CT, Nov. 27.

Madison City Council could decide if Edgewood High School gets lights for athletic field, Dean Mosiman, WSJ, Nov. 25.


Wisconsin hopes to clear unemployment backlog within weeks, as thousands await payments, Mitchell Schmidt, WSJ, Nov. 25.

Dane and Surrounding Counties

McFarland High becomes first school chapter of We Are Many-United Against Hate, Scott Girard, CT, Nov. 28.

Beaver Dam woman loses lawsuit alleging vehicle regulations infringe on her constitutional rights, Chris Higgins, Capital Newspapers, Nov. 24.

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