Media Digest June 15, 2018

Media Digest June 15, 2018

Top Story

Paul Soglin will propose a $17 vehicle-registration fee to help close budget shortfalls and maintain community service programs for low-income residents. Chris Rickert, Wisconsin State Journal, 6/15.


The Dane County Immigration and Refugee Task Force, created last summer, announced its recommendations, including a call for a universal drivers' card.  Madison 365, 6/15.

The James Reeb Unitarian Universalist Church on Madison's eastside is renovating its building to serve as a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants.  Lisa Speckhard Pasque @lisapasque of theCapital Times, 6/7.

"Buy One for a Neighbor" campaign from Healthy Food for All of Dane County launched at Northside Farmers' Market.  Lisa Speckhard Pasque @lisapasque of the Capital Times, 6/7.

Allied Drive gets ready for big July block party, but there are still some problem properties.  Lisa Speckhard Pasque @lisapasque of the Capital Times, 6/7  (Pasque scores this week's hat trick!).

Business and Development

Exact Sciences is proposing a $60 million expansion in UW Research Park on Madison's West side. Judy Newman @jnewmanWSJ of the Wisconsin State Journal, 6/15.

A definitive update on Judge Doyle Square from Abby Becker and Lisa Speckhard Pasque, Capital Times, 6/12.

Sacred Feather, longtime State Street hat store is closing in July. Barry Adams, Wisconsin State Journal6/8.


Citizen scientists are  working to find early threats to Madison's lakes. The Lake Forecast initiative is a project of the Clean Lakes Alliance. Kynala Phillips, Wisconsin State Journal, 6/16.


Dane County Supervisor George Gillis who represents District 14 on Madison's southwest side is resigning. Gillis is also Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Abby Becker @abecker_4  of the Capital Times, 6/15.


The Cap Times' Paul Fanlund profiles a new study of Wisconsin's political communication ecology from the UW (disclosure, Lew Friedland, of Madison Commons is Principal Investigator).


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