Meet the Candidates for Madison Board of Education

Meet the Candidates for Madison Board of Education

During the primary campaign we asked candidates running for the Madison Board of Education the same five questions to understand their vision for education in Madison. For the general election, we took a different route and asked the candidates a set of questions to understand where and how they would focus their energy if elected.

The election for Madison Board of Education takes place Tuesday, April 2.

Candidates responded to our questions through email or over the phone. We only publish direct quotes from candidates responding to the following questions:

  1. What is the biggest challenge facing Madison schools?
  2. Why are you qualified to help fix this problem?
  3. When it comes to fixing this problem, what’s more important to your vision: finding consensus (making everybody happy), reaching compromise (everybody gives up something), or sticking to principles?

Click through the grid below to explore where candidates stand on these questions.

School Board Candidate Christina Gomez Schmidt: police in schools can de-esclate conflict
School Board Candidate Maia Pearson undecided on police in schools; would like more counselors & support staff
Kaleem Caire
Cris Carusi
David Blaska
Ali Muldrow
1 2

Contributing reporters: Elizabeth Janeczko, Max Witynski, and Ellie Colbert.


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