Madison Commons Media Digest, June 23, 2019

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Jane Belmore to return to Madison School District as interim superintendent, Logan Wroge, Wisconsin State Journal, June 21. Madison and Dane County
Three new Dane County Board Supervisors sworn into office, Abigail Becker, Capital Times, June 21. Madison seeking community partners to conduct 2020 Census outreach, Abigail Becker, CT, June 20. Madison to consider electric scooter bill implications, Abigail Becker, CT, June 20. Community
Freedom Inc. challenges liberal Madison with in-your-face approach to racial justice, Chris Rickert, WSJ, June 23.

Candidates Anna Moffit, Gloria Reyes discuss art education at school board forum

Anna Moffit and Gloria Reyes appeared last Tuesday at an art education forum hosted by the Arts and Literature Lab (ALL) and moderated by the poet laureate of Madison, Oscar Mireles. Moffit and Reyes are both vying for Seat 1 on the Madison School Board for the spring primary election on April 3. Moffit is a current board member running for her second term. Reyes and Moffit discussed eleven questions about the district’s art education that were submitted by community members, with ALL specifically seeking out contributions from art educators, students and parents in the Madison school district. Many questions prompted Reyes and Moffit to talk about the ways in which they would support related arts in schools, from class sizes and budget questions to expanding access to other types of art and increasing support for art educators.

The Bus Stops Here: For Poetry

What helps break the boredom of riding the bus from point A to point B? A poem of course! And what better way to share your talent with others in your community than to have one of your poems displayed on the bus! From modest origins less than a decade ago, and with the involvement of Edgewood College’s Graphic Design program, Metro Transit has teamed up with Madison’s Poet Laureate to sponsor a “Bilingual Bus Lines Poetry Contest.”1 Anyone of any age is invited to send short poems, haiku, prose poems, or excerpts of 3-5 lines from longer poems to the Bus Lines 2018 open call for poetry.  Submissions can be made in English or Spanish. The theme this year is home: “What is that special thing (event, person, place) about Madison that makes you call it ‘home?’”

The Poet Laureate wades though the submissions and picks the top poems (30 poems were selected last year).

Shhh… exhibition speaks volumes about the U.S. political climate

It all started with a single poster. 
Local artist, and now curator, Peter Kursel, was attending a party in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee when he noticed a World War II propaganda poster hanging on the wall—it belonged to his son’s roommate. “A careless word…another cross” framed an image of a white crucifix that indicated a soldier’s grave. The poster led to an entire collection of similar prints and planted a seed for what would become Shhh…, a multimedia art exhibition currently on view at the Arts + Literature Laboratory located at 2021 Winnebago St., in Madison. The show blends the historical poster collection with contemporary pieces by artists from across the nation, and illustrates how art can construct, critique and contribute to our democracy. It is on view from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, until March 3.